SmartyPants Vitamins presents the 2018 DMD Dad Joke Competition

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11 Dads Married to Doctors competed in a head to head dad joke contest in March of 2018 to find out who’s the funniest!  The public voted for the funniest dad helping that dad to advance through the March Madness style bracket to find out who will win it all.

What was at stake?  A year supply of SmartyPants Vitamins, a smart watch, a trophy, but most importantly… the right to be called the Punniest Dad in DMD!!! 🙂



So who do you think will win?  Watch the videos and comment with whom you think is funniest?  The winner of this contest has been chosen but you can test your funny meter and see how well you can guess Who’s Funniest?!

See all the videos back to back to binge watch the hilarity:

So who did you pick to win it all?

Congratulations to James Kresta aka Tweaky the Texan who is our
2018 SmartyPants Vitamins DMD Dad Joke Champion.

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