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Allana Pinkerton – Live Life Healthier

Allana is a certified Nutrition Coach and an experienced Health Enthusiast, Motivator who lost 65 lbs., reduced aches and pain, increased energy levels (two fold), and now teaches others how to get to their next level of what they consider healthy. We are all different and therefore, not all of us can follow the same eating patterns, exercise routines or afford the same lifestyles. Allana has been living healthier since 2017 and meets you where you are and helps you navigate where you want to go.

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Moving Forward Leadership

Drawing on 20 years of military experience leading up to 200 members, my goal is simply to help you become a better leader. Regardless if you are in big business, small business, government, not-for-profit, or even a stay at home parent, we all need leadership in our lives. Moving Forward Leadership is all about continual growth and development in 3 core areas, Leading Yourself, Leading Your Team, Leading Your Organization. If you are ready to bring your leadership game to the next level, then join my class or follow me on social. Always remember to… Lead Don’t Boss.

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Married to Doctors: Life Coaching

Lara McElderry studied Family and Consumer Science and graduated from the University of Arkansas with a Masters Degree in Teaching. She has worked with youth and adults and has a strong interest in family dynamics. Lara has been navigating the medical world for the last seventeen years as she has supported her husband through medical school, residency, a specialty change, fellowship, as well as raising five boys. Lara is a relationship and life coach working primarily with physician partners and spouses. She is the founder and podcast host of Married To Doctors. Her show releases weekly episodes and has over 300 personal 5 star reviews.

Doug Herr – Living a Life You Love

I’m a positive psychology coach with 28 years of experience. As clinical faculty at Vanderbilt, I taught and coached over 500 doctors.  I’ve never helped a doctor’s career without improving their family life, as well. It all works together.  A lot of where you end up has to do with where you start. I start with your heart, and I train you to use your head more effectively.  I invite you to connect with yourself, each other, and your own hearts and mind in a more powerful way.

Jennifer Salas – Frontal Lobe Parenting

Ms.Salas is passionate about helping children and families. She specializes in Adlerian parenting and family therapy. She began her career focusing on therapeutic intervention with children of divorcing families. She also collaborated with Guardian ad Litums and child representatives to develop parenting plans which considered the individual best interest of the children involved. She uses Adlerian Play Therapy Techniques and Parenting Education Strategies to help children and their families process, heal, and transition to a more satisfactory family life.

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Dr. Maiysha – ReMap Your Mind for Success

As a speaker, trainer, and coach, Dr. Maiysha loves empowering her students & clients in business, entrepreneurship and the power of the unconscious mind. Her own struggle with burnout is what originally inspired her to step outside the box, and her frameworks and programs now help doctors and medical professionals around the world reclaim their time, freedom, and peace of mind.
Dr. Maiysha is a graduate of Emory University, completing her medical degree at Morehouse School of Medicine, and her Family Medicine Residency at Florida Hospital.

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Chris Gooden – Stop Exercising and Start Moving

Chris is a Wellness Professional with 20 years of experience designing, implementing, and coordinating wellness programs and behavior change projects. Experience includes Personal Training, Strength and Conditioning, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Exercise Physiology, Teaching and Public Speaking. Chris holds a MA in Exercise Physiology from ETSU and a MBA from UAB. He is a certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Personal Trainer with the NSCA, a Sports Performance Coach with USA Weightlifting and is a Certified Wellness Program Manager through the Chapman Institute.

Robert Aguirre – Marriage Communication

With 3 boys, aging from a toddler up to high school, and a previous career in restaurant management, he was used to bossing and running teams, and found that those methods don’t work as well when leading a family. Since then, he’s become a stay at home dad and through counseling and mentorship has learned many lessons he’s excited to share with other DMDs seeking to improve their relationships through communication.

Dave Street – Parenting for the Brave at Heart

Dave Street has been married to Elizabeth, an OB/GYN, for 37 years. He attended law school at SMU while she was in residency at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Texas. A move back to Marietta, Georgia to be near family prompted them to consider Dave becoming a stay-at-home dad after the birth of their third child. A fourth child came a few years later and once the kids were all in school, Dave earned a BS in Math Education. Now the kids are grown, Elizabeth still practices full-time, and Dave still manages everything else in the family’s life. He has learned that when you find yourself in a place you never imagined you would be in, you get creative, you ask questions, you read, you learn, and you solve one problem at a time.

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