For many medical couples, combining finances might be a big mental hurdle to overcome once they tie the knot.

After all, you’ve been “on your own” through medical school, residency, or maybe even after training. You’re used to managing your own money, and you might even be accustomed to splitting rent, utilities, food, and other expenses while dating your other half or living together.

If splitting expenses has worked in the past, you might be wondering why you should switch it up after marriage. However, there are a few reasons why I think physician couples should definitely combine finances.

First of all, when it comes down to it, you make a vow when you get married and stand before your family and friends showing that you have selected your partner for life (forget the whole 51% divorce rate for a minute). You’ve also promised that you will support each other through better or worse and sickness and in health.

If that’s the truth, why would you want to complicate every financial decision for the rest of your life by figuring out who is paying for what and when?

Plus, that’s only one reason why I advise couples to avoid separate accounts. To find out what the other two reasons are, check out the full post at the Physician Wealth Services blog so you can succeed financially as a team.