Meningitis – What is it and how to prevent it with Dr. Len Friedland and Nick Springer of GSK

In this special episode, Curtis interviews two GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) spokesmen about Meningococcal disease, a rare but aggressive bacterial infection that can be fatal or cause life-long disabilities. It is preventable and there is a vaccine for five serogroups of the disease.

Dr. Leonard Friedland is a husband, a father to two adult children, a pediatrician, and VP at GSK who has worked in the field of infectious disease vaccination since 2003. In addition to learning about his great work with vaccines, we also get marriage and parenting tips from Dr. Friedland. (full bio here)

Nick Springer is a gold medal Paralympian in wheelchair rugby and a meningitis survivor whom, at the age of 14, contracted meningitis, fought for his life for 2 months, while enduring 19 surgeries and four amputations. As Nick tells his story, his optimism for life and for living it to it’s fullest shines through. He explains how this disease completely caught him and his family off guard, but how it has allowed him to now be a spokesman for HOPE. Nick shares amazing stories and tips about parenting and positive mental attitude that he observed watching his parents and sister help him recover. (full bio here)

Take 5 for Meningitis.  Click here to learn more about GSK and their work to increase vaccine-preventable diseases: http://us.gsk.com/en-us/media/press-kits/take-5-for-meningitis/  

Infographic: Knowledge gaps in vaccination against Meningococcal Meningitis: http://us.gsk.com/media/930638/menb-gsk_infographic_final.pdf