Son of a DMD and Pediatrician – What it’s like growing up in a Physician Family – Episode 11

Rocklin Shumaker is a medical student who is following in his mother’s footsteps. His mom is a prominent Pediatrician and active member of the American Medical Association (AMA). Rocklin and I met at the AMA Convention which coincided with the AMA Alliance Annual Meeting. We discuss the importance of both organizations.

In this episode, Rocklin and Curtis discuss:

  • The AMA and the AMA Alliance and the importance of each.
  • Lessons he learned growing up in a physician family with a busy mom and stay at home dad. He shares the good and the bad and the lessons he learned along the way that has helped him manage the crazy life of medical school.
  • His parents 30+ year marriage and tips he saw in practice that make them a great couple and great parents.
  • How to teach kids the value of work and reward
  • How to teach kids manners
  • Ways mom stayed involved and was able to alleviate mommy guilt
  • Tips to help aspiring physicians pick a career
  • How parents can bond with their kids and the importance of individual time with each child

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