Bourbon – what is it, how to drink it, and why you need to enjoy it with Sour Mash Tours – Episode 8

Sour Mash Tours is Louisville, Kentucky’s FIRST guided, walking bourbon tasting experience. DMD will be participating in their tours and learning all about bourbon at our 3rd Annual Retreat.

In this episode, you will meet Danielle, Andy, and Dillon and they will tell you:

  • What it means to be a Certified Bourbon Steward
  • where Bourbon came from
  • introduce you to the Bourbon Boot Camp (a suggested way for newbies to enjoy bourbon)
  • share the secret (or maybe not so secrete) liquor very similar to Pappy Van Winkle
  • discuss their various tour offerings, and explain to you why YOU need to visit Louisville, KY and enjoy bourbon amongst other spirits with Sour Mash Tours.

Learn more and book your Sour Mash Tour at https://www.sourmashtours.com/

Come learn all about Bourbon alongside DMD.  Register for the retreat here: http://server.atyourservicehosting.com/~dmdlifestyle/retreat