Building a business as a doctor dad married to a physician.

Dr. Kelly James wears many hats. He’s a physician, a husband married to a busy physician, a dad and most recently, an entrepreneur. With all of us having so many things on our plates, he realized how easy it is for us to forget important dates. This led to the creation of a beautiful timepiece that not only reminds us of important occasions but also stands alone as an amazing piece of art and testament to the beauty of the event it is helping you remember. Meet the Anniversary Clock.

Visit https://tenbrinkandcompany.com/ to learn more about the clock, Kelly’s business, and to place your order.

In this episode, you’ll learn tips on:

  • time management
  • how to evaluate your ideas
  • how to persevere in the face of business failures and setbacks
  • how to test your product/idea
  • what it takes to be a busy dad, husband and a successful entrepreneur.

Learn more about Dr. James’ company and the Anniversary Clock at https://tenbrinkandcompany.com/.