Learning how to stay connected/sane from stay at home dad of 3 under 6, Jordan Worley – Episode 3

Jordan Worley is a long time DMD member and an integral part of running the Admin Moderator Committee for the organization. He has been primarily a stay at home dad since his 3 boys under 6 were born. Being a social person coming from an IT and Sales background, it was a big transition for Jordan to stay at home full time with the kids. He figured out some ways to make it work which we discuss in this episode. One of those ways he mentions is connecting with other DMDs at our annual retreats. Learn more about our upcoming retreat at http://retreat.dmdlifestyle.com.

As the kids have gotten older, Jordan has also started pursuing another passion of his, landscape/real estate photography. Learn more about his aerial drone business here: https://www.facebook.com/nlrep

To see more of Jordan’s hilarity, see his dad jokes at http://server.atyourservicehosting.com/~dmdlifestyle/spdadjokes/