The Dads Married to Doctors organization has amazing members. We will spotlight our members to share insight into their DMD Lifestyle.

Name: Danny Vanaphan (follow him on instagram: dannyv_fit)
Age: Late 30s
Kids: 3 kids under 10
Occupation: Fitness Trainer
Location: Houston, TX
Wife’s Occupation: Family Medicine Physician

Memorable Dad Experience:

Being there for the birth of my children. I didn’t think I could ever cry happy tears, but I did.

What advice would you give to your fellow DMDs?

  • Find balance through family and work.
  • Don’t forget your alone time with your wife. Schedule date nights at least once a month.
  • Stay in shape, because you’ll want to live long enough to be chasing around your grand kids!

How do you achieve life balance?

We’re fortunate enough to have family around us to help out. We make it work! Family always first.

What are your kid’s favorite snacks?

Gummi Bears!

What do you do to relax?

Nap. I nap when the kids nap!

What are some of your favorite DMD memories?

Interacting with the dads and learning how to be a better husband and father. Thanks fellas! I also really enjoyed meeting the 40 dads at our Vegas 2017 retreat.

Thank you Danny for sharing your family and fatherhood story with us!