Starting the day with a good routine is helpful for kiddos and parents. Keeping the morning rush calm will set everyone up for success during the rest of the day. After reading several lists of time savers I finally settled on this one from Pat Nelson Ed.D with the University of Delaware Cooperative Extension. Hopefully it will help you think of some different ways to encourage your family as back to school season starts.

  1. Give each child his or her own alarm clock. Set the clocks for the little ones and show the older ones how to do it themselves.
  2. Play loud, cheerful music about ten minutes after all the alarms should have gone off.
  3. Wake up half an hour earlier than the rest of the family so that your morning can be less hectic.
  4. Stagger wake-up times if there is only one bathroom. Prepare quick and easy breakfasts.
  5. Do whatever you can the night before — set the breakfast table, prepare lunch foods, arrange who needs rides where.
  6. Make a “launching pad” near the door where family members can place their books and other items to be taken to work or school.
  7. Get everyone in the habit of checking the launching pad before leaving the house.
  8. Keep all daily supplies (such as toothbrush and tooth paste, soap, washcloth and towel, mirror, comb and brush) where the children can reach them easily.
  9. Have each child make a list of the things he or she has to do every morning. The list might include: Make bed, pack lunch, feed dog.
  10. When it’s time for the first person in the family to leave each morning, call a quick family huddle at the “launching pad,” have a group hug and wish everyone a good day. It’s a great way to get launched each day!

If you have some never fail tips or tricks please let us know and we will share with everyone!

Credit – http://extension.udel.edu/factsheets/back-to-school/